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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice on on all. narcs we will now take a roll call of commissioners. richard >> we will now take our role call on commissioners. [role call]
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>> commissioner james slaughter is excused, and commissioner term and is in route. -- turman is en route. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wednesday, november 30, police commission meeting. let's call line item number one, which is general public comment. >> item number one, and general public comment. the public is not welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on the agenda but are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. speaker shall address the remarks to the commission as on hold. neither police or personnel nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public but may provide a brief response. individual commissioners and
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police and personnel should refrain from entering in debates and discussions during a public comment. public comment is limited to 3 minutes. >> first speaker. >> good evening. happy thanksgiving belatedly, and i have a couple of things. number one, the comptroller's report was issued in august telling you to put this gentleman behind me and all of his partners in crime out of business. we are still waiting. they continue to wreak havoc on individual citizens and in neighborhoods like the castro, where we are told repeatedly that has become a cauldron of crime. and they can get away with more than they can get away with a in other neighborhoods.
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now they follow their own special rules that are not a lot of your your -- not the law. they tell you that if you get rid of them they are going to have higher crime, but do not believe them. a letter was the vague -- now that indicates the arrests made on october 12, which was of false arrest, and you have heard of him many times. he is the one trying to buy the beat from surge white. i have a letter from the cheese. i am sure he did not offer the letter region -- did not author
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the letter. it is in the police department's policies to make a false arrest. i do not believe that is a policy to make false arrest. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good evening. would you give a copy of this to each one of the commissioners? i called office a few days ago in reference to the allegis city paying $75,000 to a man who allegedly walked out 20 cents short on heaviebeer, and he gott
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up allegedly by an officer, and the city with $26,000 in medical bills, and i do not know the details. i ran into that specific officer. he said, i am the one. i said, what happened to you? c'mon. the city pays 75,000. i talk to your officer. apparently, what ever happened,
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but get offensive zero years -- get offensive. you people have a great day. >> next public speaker. welcome back. i am barbara, of brown resident of stamford cisco. i live in napa -- a proud resident of san francisco. i live in houses built in 1906. i just paid my taxes. $581 for one house. isn't it funny that we can keep jacking up the houses because muni cannot stop and collect fares? this is coming from somebody who is a former nut cake. i am back from my ex-husband
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passing false charges against me. the entire men's club was present, so this was a setup, and not takes to do not have any rights, which is -- nut cakes do not have any rights, which is why i was made one, so he would not have to pay alimony. he managed to transfer to the police station, so i have a rap sheet i would love to see some time. i do not think i should have to pay for it when you are arrested for reasons you do not know and you do not have a right to get coffee for for an -- to get a copy for free. my daughter is in for surgery. i did not like the sound of a second back surgery, and i said, i have got to talk to a doctor. instead, i am put away so i do not talk to anyone. money under the table is more
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important than the judges' salaries. just a simple request to have the conservatorship rescinded and removed, not until my alimony was totally wiped out. my parents' house was sold for $600,000. >> this is the police department. >> this is a police problem. it needs to be investigated, and if it is not good enough for the police, the feds should do it, or we should have military intervention. i saw an article from san jose. bruce springsteen was pounced on by his mother. his income was all gone. i think that is a police problem. thank you. you have a good day. >> any further public comments?
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hearing none, public comment is closed. >> item 2 is the police report regarding behavioral science unit survey results. >> how are you? >> good evening, commissioners. i will start out as usual for our update on violent crime. violent crime continues to trend down. we are down 18% for the last report. property crime down 2%. overall we are still flat, and if you look at homicide totals, we are at 47 for the year, which is still less than half were we were in 2008, so the officers in the partnership continue to pay dividends as we have a safer
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city, and hopefully we stay that way. a very busy time with holidays. just last week we did an interface and breakfast -- interfaith breakfast. we did a lot of turkey carving. my arm is back to normal. we car for about 13 turkeys at three different offense -- carved about 13 tourniquets. the chiefs younger son celebrated his birthday by serving the elderly, there were
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demonstrations that came in. i think the officers did a great job, and we got several complimentary letters that although they knew they were there they did not feel it was a disruption. that is great in this economy, that is what feeds the coffers. this saturday we have several events scheduled in the morning, and on sunday, the operation dream collection kicks off, and i am told the 49ers have a chance to clinch a playoff on sunday, so we will be prepared
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that weekend. if you looked at the second item, a survey results came back. this did go out to members of the department. 96% of respondents would recommend the services, and 96% recommended any experience as satisfactory or better, so the other numbers are broken down below that. i wish we hadn' a heartier response, looking at the overwhelming numbers, i am very happy with the performance. that will conclude my report.
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i know there has been some reports about olav. that predates my administration. we did send a letter inviting them back to go over what they have already certified, to err on the side of caution that we are where we think we are. >> i just want to let you know i was downtown during black friday, and the officers were extremely professional. they were kind, and i have to tell you i am extremely proud of
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the restraint officers show. they are professional curator -- they are professional. also you have to understand there was an event with schools. the police department is participating in a football game. >> you will be surprised at how fast they convene. >> there were implications about those schools. a lot of young football players will be ready.
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>> i want to remind everyone about the promotional ceremony. it is open to the public. it is one of those things we want to have to be more regular. as children grow, those moments are important. >> sunday morning i was at the airport, and it was a post- thanksgiving russia, and it was incredibly busy, and the police presence in regions and not post-thanksgiving -- it was post-thanksgiving rush, and it was incredibly busy.
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everyone was going back to their places, and i want to acknowledge the good job done by those at the airport on sunday. >> i appreciate that. i will pass that on, and if we could get a break from the fog, that would be great. >> thank you for letting us know the survey results. i think it is great that they put together the survey based on our request. here's support training is one of the top suggested. i just wonder what you might recommend to address the feedback. >> #9 speaks about dr. kevin martin.
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he is doing a presentation in january to the department, and i know that in pretty much everyone of the conferences i have had, and i think we have all had one right now, and it may not have been a stressor and nobody has really been taken into consideration. i think it is good that this commission looks at that. that is of primary concern to the commission so we do not have folks who go in the downward spiral. >> what is the status right now of the recommendations? there were a series of very good
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recommendations to the address these issues, including training. there is a list of things. you were going to talk about what you might want to implement and how. >> i do not want to be sloppy. just about all of that is moving down the tracks. >> our next meeting would be to update stat. -- that. >> i could put it in my report. >> that would be great. i also want to ask about occupier. is there any other of dade we should know about in terms of the police and occupant -- any other thing we should know about in terms of the police and occupy? >> it went to general assembly,
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but they could not reach consensus. consensus is what they call a majority or whatever percentage makes it a go, and they took it back today. they agreed on something. they had to vote again starting three minutes ago, because the offer was to all of occupiy, soi know there is a proportion of the group that is wanting to move it because the situation is deteriorating to such a degree, but the offer was made to the entire encampment, so i do not know where that is going to go. if i get any notice, i will update you at that time. >> the last thing you mentioned was the lab. you know the status right now?
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we had an up day there was not a backlog, that anything that was tested has been tested. guardsmen we have added the staff -- >> we have added seven staff. we are moving forward. we believe we are in complete compliance, and we do not believe we have any problem being transparent. we have invited them to check under the hood and make sure things are as they should be. i know there is certified. they are the national certification body. >> thank you. >> i want to ask you about the
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upcoming presentation. it is voluntary, but i have not read the book really good. it would benefit anyone that went. >> i would be surprised if we have less than 100. it becomes more of a problem, because we cannot shut down the police department, but we do the best we can. anybody who wants to go can go, and if we get to the point where there has to be a cut off, they will say it is really important, and if we get to the point they need to bring it back, we will do that, too. >> we got a big staff. for many folks, is about to be
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cancelled. >> no one will go without. i can ensure you the. >> is the program of the presentation going to be taped just a presentation who so it could be accessed later? >> as long as there is not anything that precludes it. if he has a condition, we will videotape it. >> or even audio. >> my concern would be if somebody was going to be completely candid.
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i would defer to his expertise on that. >> there is going to be discussion to see if that can be done. >> item 2b. >> it is a review of recent activities for 2011, presentation for january 1 through october 31 and also for january 1 through october 31, 2010. >> it is all yours. >> good evening, members of the commission and members of the audience. i am going to discuss the highlights from the report.
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by the end of the third quarter, and they opened 620 complaints about failure to perform duties. we also mediated 45 complaints. cases opened during the first nine months represent a 6% decrease. well statutory mandated pursuant to charters, we have one investigator for every 400 police officers, which would equal 15 investigators. they closed with only 12 fully trained investigators. we did hire three new investigators in september, but they are still going through a training process, but by the end of the year we expect a full caseload.
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we were fortunate to not have lost any positions and have an additional investigator position added as of october 1, 2011. we are still not acted journeyed lovell we briefly experienced in the beginning of my tenure. we will have 16 investigators. that process is occurring now, and we expect to have someone on board by the end of the year. in spite of challenges we did experience, the managers did avoid a large backlog.
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we resolved 62% of our cases during the third quarter within nine months. we closed with 430 pending cases. that is 33 more pending cases and the third quarter of 2010. we try to address complaints promptly. in the third quarter of 2011, a% of close cases were sustained, which is higher than 7% at the end of the third quarter 2010. of the 16 cases, one of the sustained cases was a police commission level case because it was for misrepresentation of the
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truth. the remaining levels include attention, and now rest, and not -- arrest and unnecessary force. the average caseload was 31 cases. as of the previous quarter, senior investigators did take an active role, assuming responsibility, but the best practice is 16 cases per investigator according to studies from 2007.
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mediation is a very bright spot. 12 cases were mediated during that quarter. these mediated cases are the equivalent of a lone trader -- are the equivalent your urin-- e equivalent. we engaged in several outreach activities triggere. i made two presentations. we


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